Responsive Web Design – A boon in the changing technology times

Responsive Web Design – A boon in the changing technology times

Are you a gadget freak? Do you like to be updated with the current evolving devices, apps and technologies? Do you wish to use WWW services anywhere and in much lesser time? If you intend all this and much more, then Responsive Designed Sites is the answer to all this. The changing scenario of using web on mobile devices and tablets has already crossed the amount of desktop users and is expected to rise further in the coming years.

Earlier when the trend of using internet on mobiles came into being, the web developers introduced special mobile versions of the most frequently visited sites, but this change wasn’t able to upkeep with the standards due to slow functionality and downloads and limited content availability. So these sites did not gain much success, as for every screen size a separate site had to be build which was quite laborious and time consuming.

Keeping this in mind, the web experts are constantly working towards improving the online user experience and the most prominent solution they have come up with is the introduction of responsive websites so as to render the users with the ease of operating sites on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, notebook and others.

So a Responsive Web Design can be explained as a combination of multiple techniques that lets a website adapt according to the screen size with reduced hassle of panning, scrolling and resizing and this transformation is achieved through proportioned and fluid grids coupled with CSS3 media queries and flexible images.

Now we will sum up some of the advantages that a responsive web design has to offer.

  • Screen Adjustment

    Readily adjusts according to vast plethora of screen sizes thus making it easy for the user to view it on any available device.

  • Improved User Experience

    Makes the use of navigation, content, images more convenient and user friendly, combined with less loading time.

  • Increased Conversion Rates

    Improved user experience and screen adjustment makes the site engaging which in turn brings the user back to the site, thus leading to higher conversion rates.

  • Easy SEO Optimisation

    Doing SEO separately for desktop and mobile versions is both time consuming and cost incurring, which affects the results, and in turn performing SEO for a responsive site is advantageous and time saving, producing better results.

  • Cost friendly

    The responsive sites require updation and changes at only one point and therefore this technique is relatively cost effective.

At the end we can conclude that more than a trend, the responsive web design has become a necessity, especially keeping in view the changing lifestyle trends and evolving superior technology gadgets.

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